Prior to the beginning of WWII there was no poultry industry in Australia. Demand was met primarily by household flocks. The poultry industry began in a humble way with small abattoirs set up on farms. Working conditions, hygiene and stock quality was poor. The AMIEU started to organise workers in the poultry industry in 1945. Poultry workers officially became members of the AMIEU in January 1946. One month later delegates from all the major poultry sheds met with the AMIEU and drew up a program for greatly improved working conditions to be addressed with the employers.

The poultry industry also produced the first woman to be elected as an AMIEU district president.

The AMIEU remains committed to providing its members in the poultry industry with the best representation available. The AMIEU has an Organiser exclusive to the poultry industry. Our Organiser has worked in the industry so understands the issues that affect workers in the poultry industry.

The AMIEU also has on-site representatives, there to assist you on a daily basis. The representatives are elected by the members as the best people to represent them.

The poultry industry in Queensland has continued to grow and the AMIEU has been there from the beginning to ensure that workers’ rights are not compromised for profit margins! JOIN THE AMIEU TODAY!