By joining the AMIEU you will become a part of a support network where our only objective is what’s best for our members. The AMIEU is not only there to give you representation during Enterprise Bargaining time, but sound advice and strong support on any workplace issue. We believe in a fair days work for a fair days pay, encourage members to respect their employers and do the right thing – just not at the expense of their working conditions.

Most butchers/meatworkers are unsure of their rights at work – we are here to help advise you of your rights. The AMIEU will support you and put you first.

We know how important confidentiality is to our membership and we strive to give confidential advice and guidance to our members whenever needed.

Meat Managers & 2IC’s – we can cover you too

The AMIEU recognises that Meat Managers and 2IC’s need job support and security as much as any other employee.

In fact, Meat Managers and 2IC’s are in a more vulnerable position than other workers.

Why? You have more responsibilities and can be blamed for more.

Wages, audits, rostering, ordering, profits, budgets, stock controls, sales, out of stocks, out of codes, OH&S responsibilities, waste and markdowns, presentation standards, compliance, stocktakes, staff controls, housekeeping, store visits, documentation and more!

The AMIEU understands that many Managers and 2IC’s are employed under a contract and unaware of their rights under these contracts. We have many Meat Managers and 2IC’s in the AMIEU and have copies of these contracts. Let us assure you – you still have rights and entitlements, don’t be told otherwise and the AMIEU can support and advise you of your rights.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you can’t be covered by a Union that has YOUR BEST INTERESTS at heart – you can!

Dedicated Organiser

Ensuring our supermarket/retail members have the best representation possible is the reason we have a dedicated Organiser. Our Organiser has worked in the supermarket/retail sector and knows first-hand the issues you face. This is why we believe the AMIEU is the best Union for meatworkers in the supermarket/retail butcher sector!
Join today to protect yourself!