Coles and Woolworths, ‘the Duopoly’ as they are widely referred to, together control 80% of the supermarket share, and both are now taking steps to further increase their respective pieces of the pie.

The supermarket giants are buying up independent supermarket outlets across the State.  We’ve all heard the reports from producers and suppliers about the bullying tactics and ‘take it or leave it’ pricing arrangements these supermarkets employ.  Perhaps not as widely known is that without the leverage and buying power of the Duopoly, Independent Grocers are often unable to source goods as cheaply as Coles and Woolworths are selling the same goods to consumers.

The impacts are clearly being felt, as independent supermarkets are shutting up shop and being forced to sell to the very businesses responsible for destroying theirs.

Several members have lost their jobs, made redundant by the recent closures.  In many cases transfer of business arrangements can apply to businesses, which will be trading in a similar way after a sale.  These arrangements usually mean workers can transfer with the sale of a business, remaining employed.  Sadly none of the recent closures have given workers this consideration.