A.M.I.E.U. – 10 March 2014

Speaking in response to claims by Teys Australia/Cargills following the successful AMIEU appeal against the approval of Teys Australia/Cargills Beenleigh EBA, Brian Crawford said:

“Teys Australia/Cargills has an easy way to resolving this dispute over a rigged and manipulated vote: it can put the EBA proposal up again for a vote with a genuine roll of voters that actually will be employed under the agreement.  It’s what the AMIEU has been asking for since August 2013.

“I predict they will oppose this democratic option at all costs.  Despite the corporate propaganda, Teys Australia/Cargills is aware that after six months of working to their new agreement, workers have had enough of it and won’t vote in favour of it again.

“It’s why they compiled a dodgy roll of voters to vote on this EBA last year – they knew they were going to need every vote they could stack in, like trainee supervisors of all things.

“The AMIEU told them the vote wouldn’t hold up, but they knew better.  So they pressed ahead belligerently and rolled out their expensive lawyers.  If there are any complications as a result of this appeal decision, Teys Australia/Cargills are the sole authors of the situation. 

“No-one should feel sorry for ballot riggers when they come unstuck.  Now it’s time for them to end the rorts and put the EBA up for a vote again with a proper roll.

“They can put up or shut up.  If they don’t want to take the democratic option, then everyone should recognise their corporate spin for what it is – just froth and bubble.