A.M.I.E.U. – 23 June 2014


Speaking today on the several media forays made by Teys Australia/Cargill representatives calling for “IR reform”, Matt Journeaux said:


“It’s easy to run around using neutral words like “IR reform”.  Teys Australia/Cargill representatives need to spell out in detail what they’re really after.


“Currently, Teys Australia/Cargill runs their site at Beenleigh like Stalag 17.  Union officials are prohibited from distributing routine newsletters at the site.  Security guards are instructed to search any union official coming on to the premises to prevent any union newsletters entering the plant. 


“Is eliminating freedom of speech and freedom of association what Teys Australia/Cargill call “IR reform”?  Because most people would simply call that un-Australian.


“We can only infer from the constant carping that Teys Australia/Cargill also want to strip away Union appeal rights and access to the courts of Australia.  And this is despite the fact that Teys Australia/Cargill have shelled out hundreds of thousands of dollars to lawyers in launching their own Federal Court proceedings against the AMIEU and the Fair Work Commission.


“Is eliminating access to the courts of Australia what Teys Australia/Cargill call “IR reform”? Because most people would simply call that Fascism. 


“It’s time for the wolves trying to dress up in sheep’s clothing to stop the masquerade. Teys Australia/Cargill needs to come clean in detail as to what they’re after from this pro-employer, anti-union Abbott government.  So far, from they’ve complained about, all we can see is a desire to run their workforces in a Gestapo like fashion – which is fairly typical of an giant American multi-national “greed is good” and “born to rule” mentality.