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Queensland Statutory Declaration Form

A statutory declaration, sometimes referred to as a “Stat Dec” , is a written statement that allows a person to declare something to be true. An example of when a Stat Dec may be used could be when an employee notifies… Continue Reading →

Making A WorkCover Claim? It’s Important To Know Your Rights

If you are unfortunate enough to be injured at work it is important you know your rights and your employers legal obligations. Obviously most workers feel anxious and concerned when they are unfortunate enough to be injured at work. Some… Continue Reading →

Q Fever – Signs & Symptoms

Incubation Period The interval between inhalation of the organism (ie. exposure) and onset of the illness may range from 14 to 60 days, depending on the intensity of exposure to the organism. Individuals exposed to the highly infective products of… Continue Reading →

Q Fever – Treatment & Complications

Treatment Appropriate antibiotics, commenced soon after the onset of the illness, is the usual therapy. Complications As stated earlier, the major life-threatening complication of acute Q fever is chronic endocarditis which may develop shortly after the acute attack but more… Continue Reading →

Q Fever – Transmission to Humans

Infection could occur via skin abrasions and splashes of infected material into the eye. The consumption of unpasteurized milk from infected cows and goats has accounted for small numbers of Q fever cases yet, in some instances, drinking infected raw… Continue Reading →

A Sharp Knife – A Safer Work Day

WorkCover Queensland recently reported on their website that the number of statutory claims in the Meat and Meat Product Manufacturing Industry were on the rise for the 2012-13 period. They determined a majority of injuries in this industry were caused… Continue Reading →

Q Fever – Origins

Q fever was first recognised in Australia during the 1930’s when workers at a Brisbane meat processor became ill with a fever. As the cause of the illness was unknown, the workers were diagnosed with ‘Query’ fever. This was eventually… Continue Reading →

What is PPE and why do you have to wear it?

PPE stands for “Personal Protective Equipment”.  As all workers in the meat industry know safety at all times is a must.  PPE is equipment worn by workers to reduce their exposure to hazards. PPE items include: Eye protection Hearing protection… Continue Reading →

Member reinstated after being unfairly dismissed

An employee was summarily dismissed at a South East Queensland meatworks. After a Union investigation uncovered evidence that was not considered by the employer in its decision to terminate our member’s employment the Union filed at FWC an unfair termination… Continue Reading →

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