In July, ACC management cancelled EBA negotiations and notified that due to impacts on the business since Covid they would be reviewing all claims. The Company also advised that they would not be in a position to negotiate for the next 6-12 months.

A postal ballot was conducted in August for ACC members to decide on whether to take action and force the Company back to the table. The Protected Action Ballot (PAB) was unsuccessful, as just under 42% of those eligible returned a valid vote, failing to meet the threshold of 50% for a PAB to be successful. Importantly, those who voted overwhelmingly endorsed the action proposed.

Requests by the AMIEU to get bargaining back on track have fallen on deaf ears. The intention of this survey is to gain feedback from all members who are covered by the slaughtering & boning Agreement about the direction you want the AMIEU to take to pursue your EBA. Do you wish to attempt another PAB? Or, wait on the Company to return to negotiations?

Your answers will be kept confidential and will remain within the Union office only.