The purpose of the Queensland Branch Funeral and Mortality Benefit Scheme is to provide modest financial support to our member or their spouse upon the death of the member or spouse. The AMIEU Funeral and Mortality Benefit Scheme is targeted at helping the member or their spouse in the immediate period after the death occurs of a partner.

Members main mortality benefits will still come from the death benefits associated with his/her superannuation fund.

Please find below a link to the full copy of the Rules of the AMIEU Funeral and Mortality Scheme so members can understand their entitlements. The Branch will administer the scheme strictly in accordance with the Rules as approved by the Queensland Branch Executive.

The benefit is strictly only available to members who were financial at the time of their death and is not available to life members or members who have left the Union or are in arrears.

AMIEU Queensland Branch Funeral_and_Mortality_Rules