A meeting of ACC management and AMIEU EBA committee members took place at midday today, and has recently concluded.

ACC and the Union have reached an agreed understanding on a way forward for EBA talks.

Members will be provided further detail of the proposal tomorrow and we will be seeking your endorsement.

The AMIEU will not give notice of further Industrial Action until all affected members have been given the detail of the offer and an opportunity to give their feedback.

The following is a summary of the outcome: (conditional on member endorsement)

The Company has agreed to immediately recommence EBA talks.

The Company has agreed to further increase the Administrative Amendment (Cents/kg) offer to Boning room incentive workers (a detailed table to be provided). * UPDATE see below for a memo including the table provided by ACC at 6pm 10/3/22.

The Company has agreed to an 8 week time-frame to get EBA talks resolved. NOTE: Wage increases (for all workers covered by the EBA) will be settled in this process, including an expected first increase from 1 July 2022 (on EBA being agreed).

The AMIEU will postpone (NOT WITHDRAW) from all industrial action for these 8 weeks. This means if an agreeable EBA proposal is not reached within this time-frame, members can immediately recommence Industrial Action.

FURTHER UPDATE: 6PM 10/3/22: ACC Communication sent at 6pm 10/3/22. The Company memo below outlines the proposal in more detail, please read the information and if you have any further questions, please give me a call.

In Solidarity,

Jimmy Cottrell-Dormer

AMIEU Queensland

Assistant Branch Secretary

ph: 0417 192 600