The AMIEU in the Red Meat Processing Industry

The AMIEU was first formed in 1888 as the Brisbane Butchers Employees Union.

After a rocky start the AMIEU was a state-wide Union by 1910, covering all sections of the industry.

In the early 1900s the industry was harsh work in primitive conditions and it was only by standing united that better conditions were won by the workers. The pioneers of our Union were staunch unionists committed to bettering not just their lives but the lives of future generations. They achieved better conditions through solidarity and sacrifice.

The modern AMIEU is still as committed to this industry as the founding fathers of the Union were. We believe that strength comes in numbers and together we can make a difference.

The AMIEU employs Organisers who have worked in the industry and the experience of its current officers ensures that you have the representation you need, by someone who understands the issues. Join today to become a part of a Union that has such a long and proud history in the red meat industry!